As of October 2018, eCrew Acquired Running Tide

The eCrew team is ready to deliver a high quality service level and we’re looking forward to bringing new ideas and innovative tools for our new clients’ online success.

We are happy to announce that we have acquired Running Tide Inc. We are eCrew, a digital marketing, web design and development company with 17 years experience, helping guide businesses through the digital landscape. We remain committed to maintaining our new clients’ websites to the best of our abilities and to provide the same consistent and quality service.

What defines one company of service from any other? While it can seem intangible in many ways, we know it’s more than a just a long client list and a fancy portfolio. What’s paramount for us, just like it was for Running Tide, is the relationships we build with our clients. Our team of developers are ready to get to work on new enhancements, providing technical support and offering digital marketing assistance. 

eCrew’s Core Services

Website Design

At eCrew we have been creating successful, high-performance websites for nearly two decades by always keeping the user’s needs first and bringing your brand to life online.

Custom Programming

Now, this is our specialty. The more complex the better.  Our coders love the challenge of creating management tools to extend your business online and bring you a new level of efficiency.


Websites need to be optimized over a sustained period of time, measuring results and engagement. Conversion optimization, SEO and adword management are also services in our wheelhouse.

Hosting & Support

eCrew clients use our fully supported, reliable web hosting services to ensure their site stays online and safe. Our team is available to handle all email and website support requests.


Customer Satisfaction

We’ve got your back.

Contact our team any time and will get back to you with all the answers you need. Constant open dialogue, proactive client servicing and support is our game.

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