Content Development

You’ve heard it – content is king.  It’s the prince of search engine optimization, the queen of social media marketing, the wizard behind the curtain.   Even the most entertaining design, or ingenious programming will not garner any results without content for users to marvel at, share, buy.  We’ve all Googled and Bing-ed, only to be disappointed by page after page of spammy websites with no real information.   Don’t let this happen to your site.

Here at eCrew, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce a wide range of content by working with our network of specialists.

Professional Photography

Worse than no content at all is poor quality content.  That includes poor quality photography.  Showcase your company and products/services  in their best light with professional photography.   eCrew has a network of experienced photographers who can be dispatched to your location as needed.

Article/Story Writing

Our process begins by understanding your business, industry, target audience and communication goals.  We also do our own research as needed and talk to key people in your company or business circles to gain some insights that will assist us in producing high quality, useful content for your web site, blog or online press releases.

Infographics and Animation

Everyone knows that images speak louder than words.  On the Web, where you may only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your web site visitor, a simple drawing or cartoon can create understanding in a fraction of the time it takes to communicate through text alone.  Even better when they are animated and paired with voice over or sounds.  Infographics also lend themselves well to sharing in social and photo sharing channels.